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God – in complete control

In 1929, the Berlin Municipal Council recognized Dr. Einstein’s 50th birthday by awarding him a country villa with a lake view.  But on visiting the house his wife found it already occupied and the occupants unwilling to move.  An embarrassed Council discovered it had previously given the inhabitants an inalienable lease.

To compensate, it presented Einstein a nearby acreage without a house.  AFTER he accepted, the council discovered that adjourning properties had been leased with the stipulation that no further building permits would be allowed in the vicinity.

OOPS!  In desperation, the Council granted Einstein a third plot—only to discover AFTER publicly announcing the bequest that they didn’t own and couldn’t give it.  Einstein finally purchased other property and built on it.

Don’t confuse God with the Berlin City Council.  He has thoroughly investigated our problem; is knowledgeable of all the difficulties involved resolving it; and has done everything necessary and marshaled all the powers needed to do so.  Indeed, he has left nothing undone in planning as Christ left nothing undone in establishing complete victory over the spirit world and in securing our salvation.  However incompetent Christians and churches are, Christianity itself has no flaw in delivering sufficient power to the load it has to carry.