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Genesis – historicity is all-important

An article in Fuller News, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, seemed to agree with those who question the status of Adam as a real historic being.  The writer then made the astounding mis-statement that the historicity of Adam is proved more by Paul’s use of Adam and Christ in Romans 5 and I Corinthians 15, than by the Genesis record.

Nonsense.  That falsehood creates a great gulf between the Testaments, with each independent of the other, and the Old not influencing the New.  This writer has an article called If Eden Is Poetry, Calvary’s A Myth.  It traces facts and truths found in New Testament writings that were first stated in Genesis, especially chapters 1-11.  Among those facts and truths is the historicity of the first Adam as a real human male as the origin of humanity.  Paul in Romans used Adam because he was real, not fictional, because the Christ he foreshadowed was real, not fictional.

Satan is at work in Christian communities, using the very intelligence God gave his people to proclaim his word to instead deny his WORD in Genesis.  Without a historic Genesis, no history exists in the New Testament.


A Union-Tribune columnist talked with a self-claimed medium who professed to be a channel for such musical luminaries as George Gershwin, George M. Cohan and Nat King Cole.  She even brought up Mae West so the columnist could ask her questions.  He took it all as tongue-in-cheek and the lady in good humor.  He allowed that there’s a place for everyone one earth, whether they’re true or false.   San Diego Union Tribune, 8/26/13

Then he took a left turn into the secular humanism of which he has obviously taken deep draughts.  For he is convinced that everything will be made clear “in the end times”, with surprises for some, “especially” those who think they know the absolute truth.  I take it he means those who see in Christ Jesus the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The columnist isn’t even Biblically-literate enough to know that God demanded the death of mediums Leviticus 20:27.  And that the lady couldn’t be the Christian she claimed while practicing an anti-Biblical, Satanic sin.

What’s so interesting about those who deride Christians for believing the Holy Bible offers God’s only true and final revelation:  they haven’t read the entire Bible, yet make their ignorance experts of what God does and doesn’t accept.

Believing in Jesus Christ as God’s truth because he 1) said he was, and 2) proved he was in every conceivable way, I make no apologies for denouncing anyone who claims access to information they then label as truth; and anyone who tolerates it since there’s “room for everybody.”  Only if God is made in the human image.  And the Real God isn’t!



God – the One “hiding” in plain sight

The academic world soared into ecstasy recently when a previously undiscovered animal specie had been found—after having at one time been in zoos around the country.  An expedition to forests in Ecuador and Columbia correctly identified the olinguito.  It had been confused with an olingos.  Of course the academic world obsesses with the olinguito because it enlarges human understanding of the animal kingdom (San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/16/13).  And, if of it, how much better that will make us understand ourselves?

It won’t do any good, since the spiritual ninnies are BLIND to truth, but I want to remind the scientific hierarchy:  an undiscovered animal species is the least important thing humanity has been missing though hid “in plain sight”.  God Almighty:  the One who has broadcast evidence of himself in his word, the heavens, on earth, in the depths of the seas, and in each mortal has “been hiding in plain sight” where our preconceived misconceptions of truth and evidence have prevented our seeing him.

The God who IS:  in the Bible he wrote through inspired men; in the Christ who came with his love and forgiveness; in the spiritual life he created through the Holy Spirit’s presence in each believer.  All have produced volumes of evidence of the Great Trinity—and not a single evidence has been hidden from humanity, no matter their personal disciplines or academic exercises.  Don’t expect Christians to get enthused about the discovery of the new animal specie when the “greatest of all discoveries” continues unseen and unwanted by mortals who love to have their intellectuals piqued but not the image of God in their mind and heart aroused!

Judgment – God’s warnings of

The Florida resort villa that collapsed overnight August 12, 2013, hosted 105 guests who made a hurried evacuation before total collapse buried them in the 100 foot-deep sinkhole.  A security guard had just reported for duty at 10:30 pm when a guest alerted him to windows being blown from his room.  He called management, and they ordered immediate evacuation.  The guard raced up and down three flights of stairs awakening sleeping guests and ordering them out.  One couple had to break a window to exit since their door had jammed.

The warning signs came as windows breaking and popping, the ground shaking, water gushing and explosions that sounded like rolling thunder.  Everyone survived by heeding the warnings of the security guard and the noises that preceded break-up.  San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/13/13

Every circumstance of life warns us of judgment to come.  A few of many are:  our own judicial system that punishes evil-doers for anti-social behavior (however weakly in many instances); mortuaries and cemeteries that house the bodies of flown spirits; hospitals and nursing homes that minister to frail and dying people; and our sense of personal mortality.  We may get thinner or heavier, shorter or taller, but we never get younger.  Then there are Biblical examples of individuals and nations serving their time, then being punished:  Saul, Nineveh, false prophet Hananiah, Babylon, Ancient Rome, Communism, Nazi Germany and Osama Bin Laden.

As those menacing sounds in a collapsing building warned residents to flee, the above are a few examples of coming judgment at Almighty God’s tribunal.  We can’t escape it; it will come, sooner or later.  Will we be ready for it?  Jesus can forgive our sins and prepare us—if we’re wise and humble enough to accept him as Lord and Savior.

God – clothes us to represent Him

When David O. Selznick learned that his star Ingrid Bergman didn’t have a fur coat—especially to wear to the Academy Award Ceremony in 1943—he had an assistant shop for a mink, which he charged to Bergman. Despite the near-lack of any reason to wear furs in Hollywood, the silly custom made it necessary that ladies prove they had one by carrying it into the hostesses’ bedroom and throwing it on the bed.

Knowing she would pay for the coat, Bergman instructed the assistant to economize. She soon grew disillusioned with the coat’s quality and sold it. Undeterred, the style-conscious Selznick purchased a Persian lamb fur coat for his star. Appreciative, Bergman remarked that she could at least go about in public without disgracing her benefactor. Round Up The Usual Suspects, 320-321.

God has a consciousness of the lifestyle his people should possess in public: salt of the earth and lights on the hills. How does he guarantee that we glorify, not disgrace, him? Paul informs us: God saves us by grace that equips us to “do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10