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What a Tortoise Can Teach Us

A lost turtle (tortoise) story in Illinois had a pleasant ending.  The wandering family pet remained at large for a week.  It wasn’t seen by anyone during that time.  Then, someone accidentally spotted it a WHOLE BLOCK from home.  Proving that if you’re going to get lost, it’s better to be a turtle than a hare.  At least it won’t take you long to get back where you belong.

Unfortunately for humans, we can get far from God—in that “distant country” Jesus mentioned in Luke 15:13—in the blink of an eye; we can go so far in a week that we find it hard to go back home.  Fortunately, however, we don’t usually fall away that quickly in a week.

That’s why observing the Lord’s Supper weekly offers a great advantage.  It gives us the chance to check our place with God:  have we strayed in any way during the past seven days; are we more or less obedient now than then; has the joy of our salvation increased or decreased through our experiences?  Depending on our answers, we can either determine to change or remain fixed in our behavior.  A point of fact, however:  observing the Lord’s Supper should never leave us nowhere, as if it didn’t matter.

Expert Who Wasn’t

An explosion on Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, February 20, 1947, killed 17 an injured 150.  It blasted a hole 22 feet by 6 feet deep.  It came from an Electro-Plating Company plant.

The post-explosion investigation revealed that the company’s head chemist had used an untested “chemical process for polishing aluminum.”  And that was explained by the fact that he had forged his resume to include advanced science degrees, when he had never finished high school.  He was the first victim of his deceit—his body was never found.   AAA Magazine, November/December 2013

Religious quacks, advertising themselves as spiritual experts, appeal to many with little or no Bible literacy.  Because they sound good, make promises people want to hear, and seem sincere, the spiritually-blind follow them.  Never mind that their religious theories have no basis in fact.  Or that they claim access to information they don’t and can’t possess.  And never mind that one day they will blow themselves up before God’s judgment.


Jesus Christ alone has the credentials he claimed to possess:  to speak for God to all; to rescue from Hell all who trust him; to be the complete and final authority in all spiritual issues; and to be the only One to judge all humanity at the Last Day.