Christ – the only one of his kind

In 1982 energetic, hard-working people inhabited and built Sunburst, a 5,000 acre commune in Santa Barbara, California, into a $16 million enterprise.  They sold produce to restaurants and grocery stores and operated vegetarian restaurants throughout the state.  They maintained high moral principles and a community relationship, with decisions made by the group.  All these admirable traits were marred by their theological concepts, however.  Spurning an evangelical, Biblical base for their religion, they tried to create an amalgam of all the world’s religions, Christianity among them.  They sought to pool their visions and beliefs to develop common goals with the single motive of getting closer to what they call “the creator.”

That view is nothing new in the history of the world.  It’s the same old Satanic lie under modern guise:  “one religion is just as good as another.”  And Jesus still rejects it.  When in John 10:16 he said that he would be the single shepherd of a single flock, he put the kiss of death on any effort to combine him with anyone else and Christianity with anything else.  He stands alone, above all others.  He is not one of many.  He is not one of a few.  He is the One and Only of his kind.  Consequently, Christianity cannot be mixed with anything else.  All else falls before it.  Nothing can ever stand in its presence.

In their practices the people of Sunburst fell into Satan’s trap.  For it isn’t the multiplication of gods, goddesses, doctrines, dogmas, lords and saviors that he abhors.  No.  It’s the concentrated intensity of the One God and his One and Only Son that consternates and petrifies him.  Little wonder that Satan works overtime to arouse competition for Christianity!  And, given the colossal ignorance of Bible teaching, it’s no wonder he succeeds so mightily.

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