Christians – a time to stand or retreat?

Prisoners of war are always casualties of battle.  The choice POW’s face is do they accept their status and wait for release when their armies conquer?  Or do they cause the enemy as much trouble as possible by making every effort to escape?

Both kinds of prisoners exist.  Some try to improve conditions of their captivity.  Some try to escape their confinement.  Sometimes those who escape depend on the skills of those who remain:  providing clothes, documents, identification that give a CHANCE of staying free.  A Prisoner’s Duty, 8, 11

 The question has particular relevance for Christians.  Face it disciples:  we’re prisoners of culture.  By our refusal to confront the unsaved with Christ’s demand of repentance, the unsaved dictate procedures in cities, school boards, presidential offices and personal relationships.

The question confronting Christ’s people is:  do we remain captives in culture and wait for release through personal death or Christ’s return?  Or do we seek ways to escape and take others with us to freedom in Christ?  The latter means we have to publicly and actively attack and destroy the works of Satan in society, continuing what Jesus came to do I John 3:8.

We absolutely refuse to adopt the world’s values.  We are persistently and perseveringly devoted to Jesus Christ’s Lordship.  But are we going to withdraw into the assurances of our faith and let society continue to degenerate?

It’s what society deserves.  But is it what Jesus expects of his people?  Would he allow us to remain faithful to him in private:  in our worship services, our personal devotions, habits and beliefs, but not taking public positions against the ballooning immorality and Bible-denying behavior?

Have we, at the end of the age now ripe for divine retribution, been excused from any public declaration of Christ’s sovereignty?  Indeed, is it now time for us to be like old Obadiah, chief of staff for Ahab’s household?  He proved a secret follower of Jehovah, who privately kept 100 prophets of God alive at great danger to himself I Kings 18:1-14.  Is it time for Christians to be interested only in their own salvation since it’s obvious culture isn’t interested in God?

In the past two weeks two groups of Christians have gone on record opposing gay marriage.  The 50,000 people pledging through The Defend Marriage Campaign are saying they will pay whatever price necessary to oppose same-sex marriage.  The Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Ohio declared their unyielding resistance to same-sex marriage.  Are other Church Conventions willing to state their opposition?  Has the NACC, the Convention of Independent Christians Churches and Churches of Christ done so?

Our battle with culture needs to start somewhere.  Why not by engaging the very people who have determined to overthrow every statement God ever made about what constitutes acceptable sexuality and acceptable marriage?

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3 thoughts on “Christians – a time to stand or retreat?

  1. John N Strain

    I hope our brotherhood stands up on this issue and many others, as well as sticking to their Biblical
    God Bless

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