Humility – before God necessary for success

Two cartoons appeared in the San Diego U-T May 27, 2017:  one, an attack on President Trump; the other a tribute to him.  The tribute had in Bold print LEADING from BEHIND—the well-deserved criticism of his predecessor.  Except Trump had redlined from BEHIND. 

The bitter attack had Trump before the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem sticking his prayer into a crevice.  And what was Trump praying, the cartoonist asked?  That he was in over his head.

That’s the present hubris in Washington, D.C.  All of its bureaucrats, especially the liberals—but ALL who make a career out of getting elected and re-elected —consider themselves too intelligent to make mistakes.  For aren’t they graduates of Yale and Harvard, or other prestigious schools?  And haven’t they been schooled to make the political decisions the electorate isn’t refined enough to make?  Even though Ronald Reagan was right:  the nine most dangerous words in the English language are:  “I’m from the government.  I’m here to help you.”

The dangerous leader is the one who doesn’t feel he’s out of his depth and relies on his own insights to lead.  In the present world crises, trust only those who rely on God in Christ to lead them.  If they don’t, trust NO ONE.  Remember that it was the politicians and statesmen who blundered the world into both WWI and WWII.

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