Life – is a steeplechase

Not many think life is a sprint.  Long ago, and far away, when parents had multiple children because so many died early, they may have believed that.  Not today when age 80 IS NOT the time to pull up one’s legs on the bed preparing for death.

But neither is life a long distance-run, demanding strong-winded perseverance until we reach our end.  Life IS NOT uninterrupted.  Life is never accommodating that way, offering a long, perhaps painful journey from beginning to end.

Everyday life is a confounded steeplechase.  Just when you get up a head of steam, forging ahead, an obstacle looms.  It’s not going anywhere.  In a steeplechase, runners must GET OVER it, not AROUND it.  We have an advantage in life.  We can determine the best, most cost-free way to find ways around the obstacle.  But around is longer, more time-consuming and sometimes presents other problems.

Following the example of actual steeplechasers, let’s find the best way over the obstacle/problem/crisis.  One, we can leap across it, regain our balance and propel ourselves onward.  Two, we can leap on the top of the problem and, using it as a support, hurl ourselves over and across it.  Either decision often lands us in water, which is as often a breaking point of the runner’s stride.

Either decision demands an alteration of our steps, pace and speed as we approach the obstacle.  We slow, alter the length of our stride just to PREPARE for leaping upon or over the obstacle.  In addition we find that the obstacles aren’t all set the same distance apart so we can pace ourselves, as in the hurdles.  No; just when we have our distance pace set, a shorter- or longer-separated obstacle demands alterations.  So life is never evenly-paced, predictable and under our control.  Like steeplechasing, life isn’t for the faint-hearted.  And the older we get, the more demanding it is.  Until we claim, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.”

Nevertheless, growing older in faith empowers us.  The Lord who died at 33, and never knew the weaknesses attendant on increasing years, always accompanies us, never leaves us alone on the journey and, at its end, guarantees in the world to come a body that shall never age or weaken.

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