Discipleship – demands fixed intention

I noted only the eyes of the lanky, solidly-built High School Junior.  The pitcher for a local school’s softball team, she helped lead the team to a Division I championship.  In the process of delivering a pitch, her entire body followed the focused intensity of her eyes and mouth.  She had one motive:  pitch to win!  San Diego U-T, North County Section, 6/8/17

In Luke 9:57-62 Jesus talked with three men about discipleship.  Two volunteered to serve him, one without reservations, the other with a condition.  He warned the former to count the cost of serving and the second to concentrate only on discipleship, not on other duties.  Jesus also invited a third man, who agreed but wanted to delay.  He warned him that discipleship demanded immediate action and couldn’t be secondary to any other interest.

All three men lacked the focused intention to discipleship the young girl offered to pitching a softball.  If we want to follow Jesus, DO IT…NOW..WHOLEHEARTEDLY…FIX, focus, rivet—your eyes on Jesus in a laser intensity.  Only such effort discards what’s otherwise a diversion; and delays what otherwise keeps us from immediate obedience. 

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