Past – keeps coming back

Well, the old saying may be true:  the more we change, the more we stay the same.  Indeed, the more innovative and impersonal life gets, the more people long for a time when individual to individual communication meant something.

Old-school typewriters offer one such renaissance.  Who would have thought a 1920 typewriter would have any value today?  Or the 1950 antique Hemingway used to bang out his novels?

The “Digital burnout” occasioned by smart phones, really-smart phones and brilliant-beyond description smart phones has aroused an interest in the past.  San Diego U-T, 6/15/17

Who knows:  should the trend continue long enough—and as of 6/15/17 it’s far beyond the fad stage—church boards, church planters and Senior ministers will reach back into the past and seek out older and old Ministers as leaders and associates.  If they do, they’ll find they have much wisdom, and surprising energy, to share with those presently in charge of Kingdom growth.  If only there’s enough time for the trendy and techie ministers to catch on!

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