Worse – things could always be .

San Diego County housing has topped off lately at around $600,000 median price for a stand-alone house.  The whole state has gone real-estate crazy.  Though realtors keep telling us that “such-and-such is still a great bargain”—just because it’s listed a few thousand less than top-market value—it’s unaffordable time in the Golden State.

But things could be worse.  And are in Hong Kong—yes, the former British Crown Colony.  For while $664,000 could get you a vastly overpriced domicile in San Diego County, in Hong Kong it will buy only a 17ꞌ x 11ꞌ concrete slab on which to park your CAR!  San Diego U-T, 6/18/17

Even local real estate moguls there are scratching their heads.  Even they admit the prices are nutty, crazy and stupid.  The usual ramifications exist:  young buyers can’t afford a home, let alone a place to park a car.

California dreamin’ is the same.  Multi-generational houses are appearing here to make it at least possible, but still not affordable, to buy a house.  Naturally, the multi-generational houses cost far more.  Builders won’t diminish their profits just because people can’t afford to buy.

Count on it in both Hong Kong and California:  developers, real estate brokers and politicians discuss ways to alleviate the problem while protecting the ballooned prices that make them rich.  Those profiting won’t threaten their profits.

It’s like the traditionalists in Israel when Jesus preached.  They wouldn’t diminish the traditions that kept the laity in their debt.  And they attacked Jesus when he charged that traditions violently drew both clerical and lay people from God’s word.  Back to Moses he drew them—to Moses, not to the traditions centuries of scholars had built around Moses.  Then, to their deeper chagrin, Jesus drew all Israel beyond Moses to himself.  That daring independence stirred lasting, growing animosity in the leadership.

The real estate boom in California and Hong Kong will have its bust when prices can no longer be sustained.  It took the Savior’s death, burial and resurrection to clarify his right to change whatever he decided needed to change to benefit God’s people.  To this day, with evangelism of Gentiles still in full throttle, and Jews still outside the Kingdom looking in, it’s obvious that Jesus was right and his generation of leaders wrong.  Jesus will always be right; and every mortal wrong. 

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