Potential – seeing . an exceptional gift, Part I

Judith Jones died recently at age 93.  Perhaps an unknown to you—as she was to me until I read her obituary—she had for many years edited such literary lions as John Updike, John Hersey and works such as The Diary of Anne Frank.  She saw the young Dutch girl’s genius when the Diary crossed her desk at Doubleday in Paris.  She strongly urged it be published in America.

Then there was Julia Childs. Judith had always been attracted, indeed fascinated, with French cooking.  She talked it, wrote about it and practiced it in her New York apartment and Vermont kitchen.  When Childs’ 800 page manuscript reached Judith, it had a shopworn look.  It had been sent and rejected by other publishers; too many French cookbooks on the market.

The hope of every writer was fulfilled:  Childs’ work got the attention of an editor who had dreamed of reading and publishing such a book.  It led readers step by step into the art, not just the science, of French cooking.  And…well…the rest of the story comes next.  San Diego U-T, 8/3/17   –  End Part I –

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