Life – never before, not again

Two very sad stories have lately been told of oriental couples crashing on a mountain road in California.  At the time of writing, 8/18/17, no added news had been reported of the accidents.

In July a red car broke through a guard rail into the Kings River.  The two Thai exchange students died.  When a deputy saw the footage of the crash site, his practiced eye spotted a license plate of another car.  He reported the find to the CHP—who didn’t know of any other crash at the time.

A few days later the discovery of car parts led deputies to a crash site 500 feet below and off a curve of Highway 180.  It seems the car broke apart on its plunge into the white-water rapids that partially covered the vehicle.

The fact that both vehicles left the road only 50 feet apart caused consternation at Cal Trans.  Always aware of mountain-road conditions, and of dangerous curves, they hadn’t sensed danger in that particular area.  They did note that strong winds regularly blow along that highway.  San Diego U-T, 8/15/17

Have authorities given consideration to the lack of familiarity in the four people driving the road?  Maybe Cal Trans should have posted windy-conditions-signs along the highway.  Maybe they had.  Perhaps both cars entered the curve when a blast of wind hit them.  Perhaps going too fast, their cars fishtailed and the drivers over-corrected, flipping them.  No one knows.

It does surface a spiritual point learned from the Ark of God across the Jordan from Jericho.  Joshua ordered Israel to remain a thousand yards—10 football fields—behind the Ark as they prepared to cross the River.  He also ordered them to follow it.  “Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before” Joshua 3:4.  That’s the same charge God issues us.  Since we’re all going through this life once; since we’ve never been here before and we’ll never come again, be sure to follow Jesus Christ while we’re here.  He knows the way we need to go because he went through life himself as one of us.  Through death as we all must.  From the dead as only he has.  And from earth ascended into Heaven where he now waits at God’s Right Hand until he returns.

However much more we’d like to know about life, death, resurrection or the after-life, we have all we need to know in what Jesus reveals.  How ridiculous if we follow anyone but Jesus.  For every other leader leaves us wanting somewhere….

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