God – knows where he is

The July-August, 2017, Smithsonian Magazine has an article on cartography.  It has pictures of what it calls “History’s Most Misleading Maps.”  They include the “Island” of California, the “Mountains” of Kong, the “Trap” Streets in London, Etc., Etc.  16ff

Cartography is ancient: in the Marshall Islands, native Americans, Babylonia, Egypt and China.  The first printed maps came from China.  The Mediterranean world had reasonably accurate dimensions from constant use through the millennia.  Every other land mass, especially in the New World, was subject to the wild surmises of guesses by ambitious map-makers drawing from hearsay or their own imaginations.  Columbia Encyclopedia, 1688

However, and the point of this blog:  only the explorers wondered what lay beyond the seashore.  The people who lived beyond knew where they were, what existed beyond them, who inhabited that land, etc.  In other words, only the uninformed had questions.  Those experiencing their land KNEW.

Which reminds me of GOD.  Many people don’t know who or where God is.  They’re strangers to him.  They’ve never experienced him.  He’s a mystery to them.  In the absence of facts, they conjure their own imaginations as evidence.  He’s what they would like God to be if he DID exist.  And some of those visions have a grain of truth hidden in harvests of chaff.  As C.S. Lewis wrote, God turned the Hebrews from paganism to monotheism because only he possessed the reality of what many thoughtful heathen considered their hopes.

Christians in our society don’t have to wonder who God is.  We know his Reality anytime we read from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  Since we live in the presence of God—in his Word and through the Holy Spirit in our minds—we don’t have to conjecture God.  We know who God is, where God is and what God demands of humanity.  If others want only to conjecture, not know, that’s the right God gives them.  But we won’t abandon our confidence because they prefer to live by their opinions.

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