Christ – all we have; all we need

Corrie ten Boom once said that we may know Jesus is all we need only when Jesus is all we have.  That profound truth is repeatedly stressed in scripture and experienced by believers.  Sunday Bulletin, 9/17/17.

In Genesis 13:1-18, as a result of God’s too-numerous blessings, Abraham and Lot had to separate.  In a generous gesture, since Abraham had received God’s covenant and its benefits, he allowed Lot to choose first.  His eyes full of green in an otherwise barren land, Lot chose the plain of the Jordan, though under God’s curse by its Sodom being in God’s wrathful bull’s-eye.  Lot got what he wanted, a comfortable life and apparent prosperity.

However, while remaining in Canaan, a land of sometimes marginal, sometimes subsistence production, Abraham got ALL.  “Lot got the land he chose,” God said to Abraham, “You get ME, the Great I AM, your Great Reward.  Oh, in addition, you get the privilege of populating the earth with believers like yourself.”  Abraham’s greatest gift was the former, not the latter.

God may leave us in a precarious lifestyle while he bolsters us with his Holy Spirit.  He kept Allied prisoners in the Kwai death camps while he inspired them to develop medicines, invent musical instruments, hold concerts and start studies in all subjects.  More importantly, their spirits, like sky-scrapers filled with Christ’s presence, poured mercy on all prisoners in need, comforted all who died and…amazingly, forgave their tormentors.

The Japanese were the captors, held captive by their brutality.  The prisoners were the besieged, freed by Christ’s grace to SOAR to dimensions their humanity had never before reached, remained immune to the pain, sickness, wounds and death.  The captors lost by wining; the prisoners won far more by losing.

We sometimes feel we need this or that, or must have this or that, when all we need is to be aware of Jesus Christ’s Presence in us.  Yours for a faith in Christ that instinctively knows he’s all we need without having to learn by experience that he’s all we have.


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