Relationships – positive. the result of discipleship

I remember the comment of a preacher leading a large church.  The congregation had a dynamite educational program led by a layman.  The interesting part of the story focused on the man’s skill to envision, create, staff and oversee the program while lacking interpersonal skills.  A source of contention when relating to peers, he excelled in administration and directing procedures.

Thus, we have human nature—the composite of DNA, environment, giftedness and predilection—rehabilitated in Christ’s image without the person being altered.  No problem; any mortal can be used in Christian service whatever his personality.

While Bible study and prayer fuel discipleship, Christian character develops best as we work in and through relationships.  We can be a zealous disciple without being a bon vivant in relationships.  We may even have zero skills.  We may know much about God but fail to work well with people. That’s human nature in everyday life and…we often forget…in Christian fellowships.

Instead of taking offense in those relationships, Christians need to stress their common faith in Jesus, not the differences that distance them from loved ones in Christ.  Cut each other slack personally since we share equally in an indivisible faith in Christ.  Consider every activity as small stuff so long as we jointly embrace God’s BIG STUFF.


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