Sin – what . will keep us from God, Part II

Sin itself won’t keep us from God.  Our Will, refusing to repent of any sin, keeps us alienated from God.

The Pharisees combined growing isolation from God’s truth with hardening prejudice for their traditions.  They proved only that people can grow more distant from God’s truth as they demand more evidence that he IS TRUTH.  The WILL determines that.

Some late 19th and early 20th century polar explorers tried to stay warm by mixing European and Eskimo clothes.  Roald Amundsen, the great Norwegians explorer, instead opted to wear only Eskimo clothes.  He found it superior to any European clothes.  The wool of Europeans easily got wet and couldn’t protect.  While Eskimo reindeer skins fit loosely, dried easily, didn’t need to be washed and felt comfortable from the first.  Explorers knew the benefits and liabilities of both.  Their WILL determined their choice.

We can be forgiven any sin, but we must acknowledge it as sin, our guilt participating in it, our INTENTION to repent of it and to REPENT of it.  To exercise the WILL to repent.  In addition, as Kurt Singer said about communists who recanted communism, WILLING themselves out of it wouldn’t eliminate the effect of their crimes, but it would put the guilty in a position to be forgiven.  Trojan Horse, 214         –  End Part II –


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