Sin – what . will keep us from God, Part III

Sin won’t keep us from God.  Our WILL, expressed in opposition to God, keeps us unsaved.

George Washington once said that errors once discovered are half resolved.  Flexner’s Biography, I, 381.  Not always true.  The Pharisees knew God as the source of Christ’s power, but they WILLED to believe Satan employed him.  Liberal politicians know that big government has no answers to our problems, but they WILL to develop bigger and bigger government.  Liberal theologians know they can’t sustain their rejection of Christ as God’s Son, yet they WILL to believe that the Gospels are largely the composition of the disciples.

With no bars on the windows, and with them propped open, our minds can still be captive to our WILL against any idea, good or bad, and any truth from God, however compelling.  Christians can adopt sins from the world.  Non-Christians can borrow virtues from Christians.  But that’s simply the human WILL going undecided and being unconverted and perverted.  – End Part III –


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