Christ – centrality of, Part I

Like Latin to the medievalist to his studies, Jesus occupies the absolutely central role in humanity, no competitors before and none since.  His nature carefully, fully and distinctly expressed God the Father’s John 3:16, Love; 5:8, Healer; 5:21, Resurrection; 5:24, Eternal life; 5:27, Judge; 6:33, 35, Sustenance for life; 8:58, Incarnate; 9:5, Light, etc.  Blaise Pascal summarized it in the Penses, Great Books, p. 319, Section 740, saying that Jesus is the one both Testaments regard as essential:  the former as its hope, the latter as its fulfillment, both with him as central.  F.F. Bruce wrote that Christians should focus on Christ’s nature as God in the flesh, not in proving his miracles.  They flow inevitably from his nature even as Old Testament prophetic miracles flowed from the Christ’s Spirit in them.  They naturally performed fewer by being spokesmen for Law; he performed many by being the embodiment of God’s Grace in human life.

We say of some people, “We could use ten more like him.”  That’s at once a great compliment of his worth and an admission of limitation of worth.  He does much, but can’t do all.  Jesus is different.  We don’t need five of him, or ten, or even two.  One is enough since One Jesus Christ does it all, works all good things, inspires all necessary virtues, forgives all human sin in every generation, perfectly governs history as its sole sovereign and Personally, Solely and All By Himself Judges every human being at the Last.

We need no more Christ’s.  We do need more of Christ in his people.  Whose lives embody as much as possible what he embodied completely.  And more of his total worth embodied in the corporate body of Christ—powerfully serving in every generation.  We determine how much of him the unsaved see.

Jesus will come again, but only as Judge of history.  Meanwhile his servants have the privilege of serving daily as his messengers.  May God raise us to his Son’s standard.  He will never reduce his standard to our achievements.       – End Part I –


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