Christ – centrality of, Part III

The Last Days began with the birth of Christ.  His beginning heralded the end of history.  It occurs when he returns from Heaven on towering cloud-chariots, accompanied by loud trumpet blasts, his own stentorian call to the dead and numberless angels he sends to gather and separate the harvest.  When that happens it heralds the end of all we know and the beginning of what only God knows.

That could only happen since Jesus ROSE BODILY from the grave.  The very truth that separates Christianity from all other religions, including Judaism.  Buddha is dead.  Moses is dead.  Confucius is dead.  Mohammed is dead.  Joseph Smith is dead.  But Jesus Christ lives—personally, forcefully, dynamically, intensely, eternally!

Naturally, all men are alive in some way or another.  The immortality of influence can’t be denied.  Good men live on in the lives, attitudes and work of their followers.  Evil men continue to plague earth long after their personal demise—witness the underlings of Hitler even today, and the followers of a very dead Osama ben Laden.

But Jesus isn’t alive merely as an influence.  He’s alive as a Person, a Presence, an Individual.  He speaks and worlds take shape.  He orders, and diseases vanish, limbs grow and spirits return from the abode of the dead to the corpse they left!  He died and strong men carried his corpse into a tomb and rolled a giant stone to shut him in.  No matter to him.  He who spoke worlds into being and corpses into life himself lived again in that dark place and exited it in blazing illumination that lights all history and eternity Revelation 21:22-23, 22:5.

That’s Jesus.  Subjected once to death, but victorious over it and never again subject to it.  Jesus, a living Presence filling the life of the Christian and the church’s personality.  Jesus, an energetic historical reality who has been worshipped into the 21st century, who has worked among the nations in all times.  Jesus—an ever-present actuality waxing greater and greater, directing his people, moving from conquest to conquest time after time.  Jesus, who is not subject to the laws of nature but subjects them to his will; who is not overcome by age, enervation or change, but overcomes them all by the force of his endless life.

That’s what makes Jesus Christ so relevant and the church so necessary.  Twenty-one hundred plus years after his birth in Bethlehem he LIVES, RULES and JUDGES.  This sounds like an Easter sermon, but it’s an everyday, “thank God Jesus Lives” reminder that He gives us victory because HE LIVES and, by trusting him, even we conquer death!  – Fini –


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