Coronation – lessons from, Part I

In the Modoc Indian War, Captain Jack led his people against white encroachment on their land.  Finally taken from the lava beds in which he had taken refuge, Captain Jack was hanged.  In previous discussion with white commissioners he asked if the Indian killers of white settlers would be tried by white or red men.  “White,” the commissioner replied.  Well, then, would white killers of Modocs be tried by Modcos?  No, by the whites, the commissioner replied, because the white man’s law ruled the country and there could be only one law at a time.

Thus, in Israel, Saul was dead, Jonathan was dead, Abner, was dead, Ish-Bosheth was dead.  Of that leadership corps, only David survived.  Which was good for Israel since only one king can reign at a time.  Jonathan’s death removed a potentially-explosive problem for David; Ish-Bosheth’s death removed only a minor annoyance.  But both were necessary to provide David with a level field on which his formidable leadership skills could build a dynasty.

The coronation developed in four stages.  Stage One, Establishing a Covenant Under God.  David made it with him and Israel before the Lord.  Appreciate the phrase before the Lord.  It meant that God would be Israel’s leader and David merely a surrogate under God’s control.  God’s word would be taught as their basic belief, with David the first to know it.   God’s word would rule, with David the first to obey it.  God’s word would be the definitive influence in the land among all classes, with David the one most emphatically influenced!

No wonder joy erupted in the coronation.  For the first time since Samuel died—and Saul had marginalized his influence years before—a godly man ruled the land.     End Part I


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