Coronation – lessons from, Part II

Stage One of David’s coronation as king of all Israel Established a Covenant Under God.  Stage Two Secured Jerusalem as His Capital.

Situated farther south than David preferred, Hebron also lacked the security Jerusalem offered.  Jerusalem crowned its high plateau; offered a panoramic view of surrounding country; occupied powerful defensive works overlooking sheer cliffs.  David wanted it.  Besides, a thousand years before God chose it by leading Abraham to Mt. Moriah, something like nearly 700 yards north, where Solomon built his Temple.

David had a problem, however.  Once briefly occupied by Judah, Jerusalem had for centuries been a Jebusite stronghold.  Confident in their inaccessibility, they claimed that even the blind and lame could defend the city.

So, the Jebusites held what David wanted and didn’t intend to surrender it.  That’s what’s called a challenge:  We’ve got it; We’re keeping it; You can’t have it.

That didn’t concern David.  He had long been accustomed to facing challenges as a shepherd, where he periodically encountered lions and bears that raided his fold.  He chased them and, in bare-handed fighting, killed them.  The confidence gained against animals strengthened him when facing Goliath.  The catcalls from Jerusalem’s heights only deepened his resolve to take it.

That teaches two spiritual lessons.  First, value any small conquest of any small foe, problem or temptation.  Never stop overcoming them.  They get us in the habit of conquest, whatever size of challenge faced.

Second, remember that those who take the longest to prepare often lead the longest with the greatest results.  David never imagined that shepherding a few sheep in the desert would prepare him to lead God’s people into a Kingdom that would never end.  Yet, in David’s reign God established the kingdom of which we’re members to this very day!  And which will continue eternally.

Longer story short:  David promised command of the army to the first man up the precipitous watercourse into the city—the lightly-guarded precipice considered suicidal for attackers.  Joab, first in a host of warriors whose “faces were the faces of lions,” who were “swift as gazelles in the mountains,” I Chronicles 12:8, led the charge.  Mission accomplished. On those 12 acres David established his residence and renamed it the City of David.   End Part II


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