Conflict – spiritual . necessary, Part I

The apostle Paul warned Christians that spiritual conflict couldn’t be avoided and had to be faced Galatians 5:16-18.  He also instructed Christians to arm themselves with the weaponry God provided to successfully wage that conflict Ephesians 6:10-20.  That many Christians still have no sense of a spiritual crisis—as in “we hate warfare”—God knows its inevitability and orders us to the front lines to confront, engage and conquer the Enemy.

Christians must not be deceived.  A colossal spiritual struggle presently afflicts America.  It’s between the boisterous humanists/secularists/materialists and Bible-believing, Christ-honoring believers.  The former demand the right to change all Biblical rules.  We much more quietly—sometimes so quietly we aren’t heard—laugh them to scorn since neither God nor his rule changes.

If Christians presently are more ignorant than aware of the danger; if we’re more asleep in faith than awake with Jesus praying through to victory, not to worry.  Jesus still rules winds, waves, sun, moon, Satan, sin and all the demons of Hell.

We can decide to surrender or silence our convictions about God in Christ; or engage our society with the Master’s sure, strong, conquering eternal authority.  But let us be forewarned:  surrendering or silencing God’s truth—which equals acceptance of spiritual anarchy—will neutralize society’s animus but activate God’s hostility.  Will we become God’s enemies to remain friends with culture?    – End Part I –

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