Mary – the Biblical . – Part I

Sam Johnson, LBJ’s father, served as a Texas legislator for the people of Blanco County.  He made sure they received much-needed government assistance.  He built a road in the County.  He protected them from oil wildcatters.  Still, even as he served he built a reservoir of resentment in constituents.

They forgot his help when he fell on hard economic times in the 1920’s.  They suddenly discovered his life had been a bluff.  They had always known he didn’t hold their values, which they overlooked because he seemed so strong, wise and financially potent.  And, they noticed, as he fell before financial reverses, he became more defiant of them, carrying his pride more publicly.  Caro, The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Vol. 1, 85-93

Which means you can be a leader without inspiring people to follow.  You can alienate people by strutting before them when humility would reconcile them.  You can posture an attitude of success when publicly accepting failure would impress them.  When Sam Johnson couldn’t positively respond to failure, people forgot the help he offered in “the good old days.”

Of all the good girls in our gaggle series, Mary, mother of Jesus, stands in a select company of women who served God in critical times.  Not the first among them, she certainly stood among the first.

This blog studies scripture’s delineation of her.  It corrects some of the terrible falsehoods attributed to her by ecclesiastical authorities.  Falsehoods that she would reprobate and never tolerate, not matter how many believe the churchmen.  Word of caution:  Mary will be greater in reputation by being seen as the Bible describes her – End Part I –

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