Mary – the Biblical . – Part II

When we say, “Jesus is our Savior,” it’s because we know we’re sinners.  Why then, when Mary called God her “Savior”, would we think it was because she was sinless?  Think rationally.

Other evidences that the Biblical Mary is altogether different from the Church Mary.  Matthew 2:9-11 gives the account of Wise Men led by the Star to the “house” where Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem—the house in Bethlehem.  Up to two years after Christ’s birth Joseph kept his family in Bethlehem—the likeliest of all possibilities.  He had been identified as David’s heir Luke 1:32.  Where but the village of David’s birth would his heir live?

Take another step.  When they found the house, and entered, they saw both mother and child—the latter up to 2 years old.  Then…let there be no doubt, seeing both, they bowed before and worshiped ONLY the child!  Then, when they offered their gifts, they presented them only to him.

Writing perhaps by the 50’s, when any possible elevation of Mary would be at least nascent, Matthew noticed specifically and pointedly that the Wise Men worshiped only Jesus and presented their gifts only to Jesus.  Only he, do we understand?  Only he, and not his mother in addition, or as an equal.  Let me repeat.  When Matthew had the opportunity to exalt Mary, or include her in the child’s honors, he DIDN’T—because she had neither exaltation nor a share in the Master’s glory.     – End Part II –

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