Mary – the Biblical . – Part III

That the Wise Men bowed before and worshipped the child Jesus, then presented him their gifts, proves that, even as a child, he alone served as God’s servant.  That wouldn’t surprise us:  angels heralded his birth, not his mother’s pregnancy.

Every event in the Lord’s ministry continued to stress Mary’s humanity, necessarily limited by confronting the mystery Jesus embodied Luke 2:25-35.  Simeon’s panegyric exalted the 40 day old boy, not his father or mother.  They instead “marveled at what was said about him”.   Luke 2:41-52 records the encounter the 12 year old with national teachers and his parents.  He astonished the rabbis and perplexed the parents, who “did not understand what he was saying to them.”

God clothed the next 18 years of his Son in majestic silence.  Then, at age 30 he became a public personality who soon filled Israel and surrounding nations with his Presence.  John 2:1-11 records the next “Man and mother” encounter.  The point of difference was timing.  Mary saw the paucity of wine as the perfect occasion for Jesus to declare himself to Israel.  Her comment certainly didn’t constitute mere conversation, “whaddya you know, the wine supply failed.”  Her willingness to involve Jesus drew his kind but firm rebuke.  He would do nothing at her behest.  He subjected his will only to God’s direction.

That she immediately ordered the servants to “Do whatever he tells you” is nothing but a Jewish mother’s continued interest (A.K.A. interference) in a child’s life—even a grown man’s life.  The Master may have shaken his head when hearing it.  He didn’t care what she wanted or what she said.  She could order the servants but had no influence over Jesus.  Up to, and including this blog, then, the score Jesus 5, Mary 0.  While Jesus continues to make point after point, Mary never scores.     – End Part III –

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