People – no one is unknown to God, Part II

The San Diego Union Tribune story featuring the San Diego Hardware Store included the picture of a young woman wearing hardware accouterments.  The question was, “Who was the pretty lady?”  A Chula Vista resident knew:  Fanny Sherman Sloane.  She had often seen Fanny’s picture in the home of a former boyfriend.  Fanny’s father, Matthew Sherman, had served in the Civil War.  On returning to San Diego he had developed the Sherman Heights area of the city.  Fanny was in her mid-20’s when the picture was taken.  She married Charles L. Sloane, a Rockford, Illinois native.  Etc., etc., etc.

Fanny didn’t remain unknown long.  Some people in nation-wide morgues aren’t so fortunate.  Some people in the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah aren’t so fortunate.

But none, not a single one of the perhaps 12-14 Billion people ever to live, is unknown to God.  He calls the stars by name and labels the planets.  He sees every sparrow fall and counts our head-hairs.  (Some of us make that easy.)  He know us all by name, by the very distinctive mark his image makes on each soul.

That perfect knowledge stimulates Christians.  What powerful encouragement to know God’s care of each disciple.  We may count our friends on one hand, but God counts us as his single friend.  He cradles everyone in his hand, each one part of the whole, the whole broken into its individual parts.  The unsaved don’t want that intimacy.  They feel self-sufficient except in extreme crises, but want God’s attention only during those times.    – End Part II –

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