Symbols – of Christ’s birth, Part II

Part I featured the Shepherd’s Staff and the High Priest’s Ephod.  Consider now:  The Human Brain.  It relates to Christmas by representing the upper class in Israel:  the priestly, wealthy, aristocratic class.  They had no faith in Jesus, no tolerance of Jesus, no obedience to Jesus. They mentally and determinedly opposed him.

The Brain distinguishes humans from all creatures.  They never had, and do not now have, God’s Image on them.  Not that they lack a brain.  The sperm whale has the largest brain among sea mammals.  It weighs some 18 pounds, about 500 cubic inches.  The human brain in contrast is approximately 80 cubic inches in size.  However, the brain mass in said whale constitutes only .02% of its total body mass while the human brain of 3.1 pounds constitutes 2.1% of our body mass.

The Image of God gives the exponential advantage to frail mortals denied sea leviathan, elephant, dolphins, and whatever else exists in the animal world.  Internet

We all visited the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry when Lance’s sons were still in strollers.  I pushed one of them past the Brain Display.  On it was a sign reading, “Out of Order.”  I made a mental note right then:  how appropriate a reference to humanity.

When we say no God exists, our brain is out of order.  When we think God is irrelevant, our brain is out of order.  When we think homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle, our brain is out of order.  When we say human sin isn’t the basic problem in humanity, our brain is out of order.  When we say no judgment awaits the sinner, our brain is out of order.  Etc., etc., etc.

Indeed, the brains of all creatures, reacting by instinct, remain true to their created purpose.  While the human brain, based on reason and the means by which we praise and serve God, remains out of order because we remain outside his will by our stubborn pride.  It will regain its created purpose only in conversion.    – Fini –

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