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With holidays and family illness over, back to blogging.

Mexico controlled California life until the Gold Rush altered the state’s political, economic and racial composition.  In the early 19th century, and with the right political connections, an applicant could have almost any acreage of land.  It cost him $12 to file the claim and conversion to Catholicism.

However, a petitioner had to be careful:  he dared not under-request his land grant.  On one occasion, a man requested a certain grant and it was denied:  TOO SMALL.  However, when he enlarged his request at the suggestion of the officer in charge, it was immediately granted.  San Diego Place Names, 19.

Given human nature, how many would ask for less acreage when they could have more?  Would we naturally consider the former with the latter option available?

Too bad for Christians, many of us settle for the minimum in discipleship when Jesus offers the maximum.  We settle for Jesus at arm’s length when we could live in his embrace.  We choose to live as far from grace as possible, without losing touch, instead of remaining so close that a knife’s edge couldn’t distinguish us from the Savior.

The Little Drummer Boy had little to offer baby Jesus.  But he beat that drum with a tattoo that brought a smile to the infant.  Of course, that’s only music.  Of course, it didn’t happen.  But the point is, the boy had little to offer Jesus but offered it all!

I invite you.  No, I urge you.  No, I implore you to commit to Jesus all you are and own.  He is worthy of receiving it.  And remember:  only as we surrender all to him are we worthy of him.

Let’s never settle with improving our life to please God.  That leaves us invariably content with what makes us comfortable, not what leaves us converted.  Indeed, we’ll congratulate our improvements long before God is satisfied only with Christ-likeness.  What we accept makes peace with ourselves.  What God demands makes it possible for him to live in us now and us with him later.  Will we settle for being content with a remodeling when God wants to renovate us and start anew in re-building us in Christ’s image?

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