Christ – centrality of, Part I

A person can sometimes eclipse a country.  Hannibal excelled Carthage.  Alexander soared beyond Greece.  Charlemagne overshadowed the Holy Roman Empire.  Robert E. Lee exceeded the American Confederacy.  Carthage couldn’t bear the loss of Hannibal, Greece, Alexander, the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne.  In turn, the American Confederacy brought failure to Robert E. Lee.

Then there was Rome.  Whatever great sons Rome bore, they never eclipsed the privilege of being Romans.  The state embodied her men; they didn’t embody the state.  Rome could bear the loss of her great men because she kept producing, with a few dramatic exceptions, others who added to the Empire’s renown.

Successors of Indo-European people established Alexander’s Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire and North and South American cultures.  They also colonized Africa and created most of the few states that, until Big Middle East Oil supplanted them, control of the earth’s wealth.  Celts, 83      – End Part I –

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