Christ – centrality of, Part II

Many influential personalities have appeared in history.  They have served as representatives of their nations, or embodied their nations.  They have risen in every nation, and from every continent.

However…and understand the distinction that word creates…the seminal figures in history originated in the children of Shem:  more particularly, the Semites; more specifically, the Hebrews.  Name among them Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and the ONE called Jesus the Christ, the greatest of all, the most important of all, the sole essential historical figure.  From the tribe of Judah, from the family of David, he came so quietly in Bethlehem only angels noticed.  He grew so quietly into adulthood that God only twice pulled the curtain to let us see:  as a 40 day old baby over whom ancient Simeon rhapsodized; and as a 12 year old whose stay in Jerusalem bemused his father and mother.

Again, all that remained hidden in him would become known incrementally.  At age 30, he appeared at the Jordan.  He stood in line to be baptized by a reluctant but obedient Baptist.  He rose from the river immersion to see the Holy Spirit as a dove descend and rest on him.  God voiced his approval on everything his Son had said and done in those years of private preparation.  He left the Jordan for Jeshimon!—the wilderness—to face, confront and conquer Satan’s temptations.  Then…well…look in tomorrow.    – End Part II –

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