Christ – Centrality of, Part III

Knowing the necessity of leadership in humanity, God provided those to represent their country and embody their country.  Of all the peoples in history, God appointed only the Hebrews to bear his Message through Law and Prophets.  Then, when he wanted the embodiment of himself revealed, he used those same people, but reduced them to a single tribe and a family of that tribe to introduce Jesus Christ.

No one…NO ONE… completes with Jesus Christ, let alone excels Jesus Christ in any way.  He is humanity’s only inexhaustible personality.  Other historical figures have multiple volumes written about them.  Even more are written as new discoveries uncover information not previously known.  Jesus Christ alone contains in himself such depth, height and breadth that only he KNOWS all he IS Revelation 19:12.  An end comes to any other person’s life and of the information he produces.  Not Jesus.  He’s the embodiment of all that a single person is AND of all that all the billions of people of history HAVE BEEN and will yet be.

So enormously essential to us is he, and so explosively exponential, that learning of him will take the forever of eternity, which means we’ll never know all there is to know about the Living God in His Living Son Ephesians 2:6-7.

William Ramsay wrote that a historian can dismiss and include historical persons and incidents as it suits his purpose.  But no one, wherever he lives, in whatever age, can dismiss Jesus Christ at all…not with a word, a paragraph, a book, a library of books, all the books ever written John 21:25.  He will embody everything accurately thought, written about him or lived by his Spirit within us.   But he is absolutely essential, irreplaceable, unavoidable and inexhaustible.

Alfred Edersheim undertook to write his life of Christ.  He figured to spend two to three years.  He instead spent seven, and even then had written what he considered merely an introduction.  And he wrote TWO massive volumes.

Learn of Jesus by reading his word.  Study deeply.  Broaden your brain to discover truths about him you didn’t know.  The very experience will whet your appetite for MORE.  And the additional information about him will thrill your mind and fill your soul with his GLORY!  Amen.     – Fini –

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