Christian – privileged to be a, Part II

Continuing to TRY after failing to resolve difficult issues distinguishes eventual success from failure.  A Christian man shared that he had been a navy signalman aboard ship in WWII.  He first had to learn the meaning of each flag signal and position—like learning the alphabet.

Once mastering the alphabet of signaling, he faced the complex task of learning the words each signal spelled.  He couldn’t do it.  It was too complicated.  He had never faced such a challenge.  He failed repeatedly, despite hours of study.  Nothing made sense.  He wanted to give up.  He dared not.

Now and then he learned a word.  Less often a phrase.  Hardly ever part of a sentence.  Then, as if by magic, one day all the signals clicked into an orderly sequence.  He could read and signal!

It wasn’t magic.  It was perseverance!

That’s the way to understand about Jesus what we haven’t known before; or, having known, haven’t put into practice.  Try again.  Push yourself.  Extend yourself beyond what you previously have.  Expect more of yourself than ever before.  Learn Jesus by bits and pieces and little by little:  phrases, sentences and paragraphs.  Before you know it, you’ll systematically read chapters, then volumes.  Because you started with a step at a time.

But never say, “I can’t because I haven’t YET!”     – End Part II –

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