Christian – privileged to be a, Part III

The spiritual challenges facing each disciple should be met head-on, face-to-face.  Conquest is always possible for the believer who won’t say, “I can’t because I haven’t YET.”

Not surprisingly, the disciples at first had no ability to understand Jesus.  When they returned from Sychar to Jacob’s well, they couldn’t believe it:  there Jesus stood, talking with the Samaritan woman.  Had he no respect for tradition; and had she no shame?

When they began to eat, and noticed that Jesus didn’t join them—he obviously had on previous occasions—they solicitously urged him to enjoy lunch.  When he said he had food they didn’t understand, they could only conjecture that someone had given him food.

Give the men credit, however.  They perseveringly, if only incrementally, matured in faith.  But only within the Jewish-nationalist perspective.  Their request, on the very day he ascended into Heaven, meant they still had no idea of his PURPOSE and their MISSION.

Only 10 days later did they discover that God hadn’t restored the Kingdom to Israel; but had reconciled the world of humanity to himself through Jesus Christ!  Once learning that, they never retreated to previous political misconceptions.  They did irreversibly advance in spiritual wisdom and intellectual foresight.     – End Part III –

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