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Adult – when doesn’t act like an

When does an adult not act like one?  When he’s Dagwood Bumstead.  In repeated strips, he seems a sponge, absorbing the ideas of others.

Dagwood is a grown man—who hasn’t gotten any older in 50 years; with a wife Blondie:  ditto; and kids Alexander and Cookie; ditto, ditto.

In the cartoon panels one and two of 2/29/16, the kid Elmo surfaces the idea that since February 29 only comes once every four years, it’s rather a “non-day” than a real day.  An “extra” 24 hours free to use, disuse or abuse.  Elmo thinks it’s a day to stay home, not go to school.

Of course, bankers don’t think that way.  To them it’s another day to charge interest to borrowers—and to pay the pittance depositors now receive.

The baseball teams in Spring Training don’t think it’s a non-day.  They’re judging the batting, speed and fielding skills of their prospects.  The NFL teams love the non-day.  They get an extra 24 hours to determine the college players best fitted to their teams’ needs.

Only Elmo thinks it’s a throwaway day.  Not even Dagwood does at first  But by the time he gets to the office he’s convinced Elmo has a good idea.  So old Dag mentions to Dithers the possibility of having the day off.  The boss turns his idea around.  How would Bumstead like his “Non-Day” as a “Non-Pay?”   The issue looked entirely different once the boss mentioned “No Pay.”  And it had sounded sooo good coming from Elmo.


If the comic nonsense brings a chuckle, the real-life counterparts sound foolish.  Never more foolish than the sayings of Biblically-challenged people.  “I’m not religious, but I try to be a good person.”  “I can worship God as easily at home, in my boat, at a ball-game, on a picnic….as in church.”  “I can’t imagine wanting to be in Heaven; all the interesting people are in Hell.”

All of these, and many other sayings sound better coming from someone else, not when we say them as our own.  No false teaching, conviction or opinion can ever have substance.  Dagwood has no problem letting others suggest how he should think.  Even a little boy’s prattling makes sense to him.  A lot of people, who laugh at Dagwood, find themselves accepting the opinion of someone equally wrong when making reference to God and Christ.  Only the Holy Spirit in the Bible teaches the truth about God in Christ.  And only that teaching will sound good, logical and true whoever repeats it.

In another sense, how many ideas we used to accept as fact we now disregard as at best half-baked?  The nice thing about God is, he won’t hold our previous opinions against us if we keep advancing in his truth and leave the incomplete information behind, buried, out of sight!

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