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Affordability – of homes is laughable

My wife lately shared information she considered hilariously oxymoronic:  that affordable housing existed in San Diego.  I quickly read the column.  Indeed, the writer assured us:  we could still get a house in San Diego for “a lot less” than we thought.  For a guy who purchased a new home in Chula Vista for $31,500 in 1974, I got interested—without faith in the assertion.

Sure enough, the columnist paraded as “affordable” homes new one and two-story homes in the San Diego suburb that has a big plastic lemon advertising its downtown.  Those homes, which had recently sold out, were priced at ONLY from the  low $400,000 to mid $500,000.  Affordability San Diego County style!  Union-Tribune, 11/7/15

I wondered if the columnist had a straight face when using the word “affordability” in the same sentence as $400,000 to $500,000!  Or perhaps she was giggling, or even convulsed with laughter.  If anyone in another state reads this, you could think that California really is the land of fruit cakes and nuts.  You at least need to know that sunshine costs a lot more now in California than in previous decades.  You might wonder how in the world most people can afford to pay such colossal mortgages.  Don’t know!  Wonder myself!

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