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Age – vigor in old

You may have seen his obituary:  Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, the famous Japanese Doctor of medicine.  He pioneered Japanese recovery from a lifespan of 40 years in 1911 to 87 for women and 80 for men in 2017.  Born in 1911, he died July 18, 2017, nearly 106 years later.

He never stopped working, though he changed his focus from a 60-year career in medicine to volunteer work.  Only in the last few months did he work less than 18 hours a day, still seeing a few patients.  Noticeably, his appointment book had space for five years of patients.  San Diego U-T, 7/27/17.  Like him, Louis L’Amour died at age 80, his desk still stacked with projects to research and wrote.

Yet, the church can’t use older men and women because young men and women have all the wisdom needed?  Many older Christians do want to finish their work before they die.  But many of us want to die in harness doing our work, never finishing it.  Jesus is the only person who could say, “It is finished” when he died.  He completed in his 33 years all that God wanted for him. No other person, and no Christian, need ever say he wants to FINISH his work.  May God keep us working until he calls us home.  Amen.

A disclaimer.  Age is more than a number only if sickness or other health problems limit a person.  It’s understandable under those circumstances to finish what one can.  But many older Christians, still able, seek opportunities to serve in active ministries.  What they usually find is a refusal to hire them, even in part-time position.  The local church has no need of them. Sad.  For many.  Not the least sad for the church not to use all willing servants, whatever their age.

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