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Amateurs – succeed where experts fail

Temperatures remained below freezing.  Winds blew strongly.  The home-made plane seemed incapable of standing the stress it must endure.  Wilbur and Orville Wright stood alongside.  Wilbur shook Orville’s hand, who climbed aboard into his prone position.

Five people looked on amazed—Wilbur wanted them to jump up and down, hollering—but they remained mere spectators.  Down the incline the plane rolled, wheels clattering.  Off the track it flew, falling and rising until it leveled off to fly for 12 seconds, or 120 feet.

You likely know all that history from 17, December, 1903.  Aeronautical success had been achieved by two bicycle sales and repair experts.  But did you know that spending but $1200 the Wright Brothers had succeeded where Smithsonian’s highly qualified aviator Samuel Langley and Germany’s Otto Lilienthal hadn’t?  Langley had spent $75,000 of government and private money in his attempts.  National Parks Magazine, Winter 2012, pp. 58-59

The men Jesus chose as his inner circle had few spiritual qualifications to be the leaders he needed to found his church.  That didn’t matter.  He found that the men believed him, trusted him, followed him, learned from him and, save for Judas, remained unreserved disciples.  Paul noted that recruiting such people continued into the early church I Corinthians 1:20-31.

To this day, the single requirement Jesus imposes on the people he welcomes remains:  will you trust me absolutely and obey me unreservedly?  He’ll never ask what degrees we hold or age we’ve reached.  Who will follow in their train?

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