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Angst – the terrible of childhood

He’s a Major Leaguer, 2015’s AL rookie of the year.  He collects shoes, hundreds of pairs and always looks for more.  He resents it when anyone questions his obsession.  They simply don’t understand how deprived his childhood had been—one pair of shoes for two plus years!  San Diego U-T, 3/14/16

So now he compensates by purchasing and storing hundreds of pairs?  Stores, because you wear only one pair at a time—unless you mix them.

How many of us older guys and girls had but one pair of shoes at a time, and for month after month until they went well-past being worn out before replaced?  Yet, those same guys have maybe 3 pairs in their closet now.  And those girls—well—forget the comparison.  Girls need many pairs of shoes to feel outfitted for everyday life.

Then again, many of us older guys and gals had to walk to school every day…and not just to school…everywhere, rain or shine, cold or hot.  And, yes…walking backwards through slanting rain and blowing snow!  But did we compensate for those miles walked by purchasing the most expensive car we could:  do we yet?

And, hey, some of us guys didn’t even know what dating meant for more years than we care to admit.  We figured it could mean something on a calendar.  When we finally discovered it, did we compensate by seeking “fast” girls?  We naturally looked for girls willing to go “cheap” since we had so little money.  This writer remembers a guy being told by his girlfriend he better start spending money on her or she would drop him like a hot horseshoe—or some such simile.


Well, enough of the nonsense.  The guy with the shoe-obsession can’t explain it by a childhood of deprivation.  Whatever he uses, he can’t let childhood angst excuse aberrant adult behavior.  In reality, our childhood has on our adulthood ONLY the influence we let it possess.

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