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Animals – are not fit substitutes for humans

The pictures came as e-mail from a Christian friend.  To put it in the words of Queen Victoria, “we are not amused.” The first picture I saw had a sleeping baby in his seat below a chair, with the family dog lying in the chair with its head resting on the infant’s.  Not too repulsive.

The second picture I saw had the same baby, lying on a bassinette, etc., with the dog licking the infant’s mouth and nose.  Unacceptable.  Repulsive.

Dogs licked the sores on beggar Lazarus, Luke 16:21, by their instinct, not for his health.  The baby pictured had no sores, and deserved better oversight than a dog slurping its tongue over the infant’s mouth and nose.

Don’t blame the brute.  It did what came naturally.  But what of the adult supervising the child?  Why would anyone seek in a beast what is the responsibility of someone LIKE the infant?  And could that picture bring praise?

Christians, remember your ancestry.  You came directly from God as humans; not in evolution from animals.  Therefore…it’s from God and people like ourselves that we find our peace, comfort and care.

People say they can almost communicate with their animal, dog or otherwise.  (Excluding cats; no one can communicate with a feline.)  That almost describes the impassable, uncrossable barrier between humans and animals.  Will Durant once criticized creationists by saying the gorilla’s DNA is very close to ours.  Just try to eliminate the gap those one or two chromosomes create!  Left without human guidance, when will a gorilla put on pants, or speak a word?  The same question applies to any animal.

If you want a baby comforted, or made secure, pick him up and hold him gently and firmly.  Reach down your head and kiss his forehead.  Open your mouth and say, “I love you.”  That child will never need animal care.  That’s my view.  What’s yours?

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Animals – dog bacteria and human health

It was only a matter of time.  It couldn’t be but a baby step from considering animals members of a family and finding some way they could benefit human health.

Now they’ve found it.  According to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/18/15, dog bacteria may be good for humans.  That is, when fido “drags his saliva-drenched tongue across your mouth”, he may be doing you a favor.

I know that Jesus said, “Even the dogs came and licked his [Lazarus;] sores” Luke 16:21b.  Poor old Lazarus, who had to rely on animals for healing.  The next thing Jesus said really got my attention:  “…the beggar died….”  I know this is out of context, but that cause and effect seems clear to me.  I’d die if a dog dragged his tongue across my mouth.  In addition, I thought it appropriate that the U-T story carried over from page B-1 to page B-6, which also contained the obituaries.  Which is where my name would certainly appear if fido ever wiped his tongue on my mouth.

Hey, guys:  isn’t it enough that pet owners spent $56 BILLION on pets in 2014, and will likely spend $60 BILLION in 2015?  Compared to but $17 BILLION in 1994?  Just to make the animal feel like a human?  Must we now look to them for a health-cure?  No thanks.  I’ll trust my Kaiser physicians, not any possible increment in health a dog’s tongue can slobber across my lips.

Animals – a continuing source of division among people

When the horse transformed Indian culture it also changed the role and status of Indian women.  In a good way, the animals substituted for women, children and dogs carrying heavier loads.  The animals brought greater access to buffalo herds, resulting in improved health, better food source and personal reproduction.

In an unpleasant way, the work of carrying for the animals fell to the women.  The greater volume of animal skins meant more labor in tanning and drying them, and in making increased amounts of pemmican.  In addition, the four-legged leviathan regularly stomped on and over village crops women had painstakingly prepared, planted and cultivated.  The ultimate insult—really a tribute in their society—women became targets of raids by other tribes, who needed to add to their work force.

A 19th century missionary to the Pawnees noted that the village horses occasioned more jealousy and family quarrels than all other reasons combined.  Differences over the animals became so  heated husbands and wives separated, “sometimes for life.” American Colonies, page 409.

And we thought most marriage disagreements centered on sex, money or in-laws.

Fact is, humans will always find points over which to disagree—and sometimes so violently divorce occurs.  And, indeed, the animal rights movement has so vigorously pushed their agenda that Biblicists refuse to be pushed any further.  Taking dogs as representative of all, animals are beasts of the earth and nothing more.  They are family pets, not members of a family.  Except in rare cases, where their presence is essential to a person’s welfare, animals should be kept outside, not pampered inside with their own beds—sometimes the human bed.  They are beasts and their owners are master and mistress, not mommy and daddy.  They should be allowed to die when they contract cancer or get hit by a car or get too old to navigate.  The attention paid to animals now spits in God’s face, and scripture tells us God won’t tolerate that long before he condemns Galatians 6:7.  Listen America; this is only one of any number of ways we should repent before Judgment falls!