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Apologetics – meets challenges head-on

When called to report for duty against the British, the Connecticut militiaman obeyed.  He ate breakfast, saddled his horse and rode off.  As he got almost out of earshot his wife yelled something, and he returned to ask what she said.  He chuckled later that she told him not to get shot in the back.

To a man, God’s Biblical witnesses met the challenges of ministry head-on.  If they were to be wounded or killed in the struggle, it would come from confronting the adversary, not from fleeing him.  They would occasionally remonstrate with God over unanswered prayers, sterile repentance and unmolested depravity.  They might wonder why God allowed wickedness to grow and why he didn’t put a stop to it.  But when called to served, out into the conflict they went, looking for the adversary, ready for battle.

Christians have become defensive about their beliefs.  We honor God’s Word in our services—behind closed doors—but reluctantly declare anything publicly.  We know the opposition we’ll face.  Unlike the Connecticut militiaman, we’re more likely to be shot in the rear heading back to our sanctuaries than in the front assaulting Satan’s strongholds.  This is particularly true where we posit the accuracy of the Gospels.

At this point, fellow Christians, we need to reach an understanding.  We believe that the life and ministry of Christ are faithfully and correctly recorded in the Four Gospels.  The problem is:  we have faith primarily in our subjective belief:  we believe because we believe.  We lack objective evidence that proves the Gospels’ integrity to any unbeliever, critic, and unconvinced seeker.  Christians need to understand that we must marshal unimpeachable evidence that challenges the skepticism and denial of the unsaved.  For only if Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and the Gospels are authentic records of his life and ministry, can Christians proclaim him as God’s one and only answer to humanity’s needs.

The writer’s book Their Own Best Defense, available on, offers just such evidence.  The multiple-volume series studies each chronological text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, surfacing evidences of its integrity, proving it an accurate record of Christ’s activity.  Volume I covers the life of Christ from John the Baptist’s birth through Christ’s Early Judean Ministry.


This writer has no interest in attack for the sake of being negative.  But, as some of his blogs have shown, where anti-Christian doctrines, beliefs, and practices exist in society as an acceptable alternative to Gospel truth, attack is the only authentic answer.  I will gladly defend the Gospels against any adversary.  If I can’t do it skillfully enough, I’ll recruit others who can.  God’s Son in God’s Word must be defended; and if his sworn believers won’t take the time to do so courageously and convincingly, we will face Satan’s increasingly effective assault on God’s Word.