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Arrogance – allied with amazing stupidity

The 18th century Enlightenment thinkers decided that the universe obeyed “predictable natural laws”—not the “arbitrary dictates of an inscrutable God.”  American Colonies, 446.  How utterly fatuous!  How could there be “predictable natural laws” without a Lawgiver?  To deny a Lawgiver predicates chance as the source of “predictable natural laws.”  But when has CHANCE ever been predictable as a basis of consistency?

That’s the same stance taken by university teachers in American schools.  Using evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” as an example, they say that it’s child abuse to teach children that God gives meaning to life.  Following that, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, in “A Universe From Nothing” says “Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born.”  Krauss admitted to once believing the myths of the Bible—to show his monumental ignorance, he equated the Koran with the Bible—but he “grew out of it—just like Santa Claus.”  And he labels the Christian beliefs of a brilliant geneticist as “wacko.”  San Diego Union Tribune, 3/31/14.

Consider the inconsistency dogging these fools.  Their brain, which they had absolutely no part in forming—nor did any of their ancestors, some of whom may have believed in God—came from outside ALL mortals in EVERY age.  Yet, in defiance of all logic, they declare debt to no one outside themselves:  for the life they have; for the ability to think and form value judgments; and, outrageously arrogant, for the intellectual insight to KNOW that God Almighty doesn’t exist.  How easily arrogance becomes equally