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Arts – the, a substitute for God

The March 20 edition of the San Diego Union Tribune had a special 32 page section dedicated to the Arts Culture.  Every conceivable practice of the Arts was included; from Old Globe productions to pop artists blasting their tunes.

As I’ve indicated in another blog, as surely as the medieval emphasis on religion, not the Bible, proved societal decadence, stressing the Arts, not the Bible as the source of beauty, gentleness and creativity, is evidence of ours.

Arts at best can dramatize Scriptural truth about God in Christ.  For example, the closing scenes of Jesus on the cross in Ben-Hur have the Savior’s blood flowing down the cross into rivulets that become streams, rivers and oceans of water bathing all shores in forgiveness.  While that was the writer’s intent, and the movie’s meaning, remember that it was Christ’s actual death that secured our forgiveness.

The Crossing of the Red Sea visualized in the Ten Commandments happened in cinema in a huge parking lot in Universal City, California.  In reality it happened when the “Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land” Exodus 14:21.

Never mistake the re-enactment in Art with the reality of Bible history.  While many admire the human re-creation, they don’t give a second thought to the God who initiated it.

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