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Authority – a way to increase respect for

Pardon my intrusion in this blog.  It has become a popular pastime among pro athletes, particularly black ones, to sit or kneel while the National Anthem is played or sung.  This is their way to express the black mantra “Black Lives Count/Matter.”  As if all human lives don’t.  As if black suspects share no responsibility in the confrontations that occur between them and the police.

Those protests put the athletes in the spotlight, keep their names in the sports pages, give them a sense of importance they don’t have—and cost them nothing!  They could do much more for the blacks if:  instead of criticizing the police, who have to work in the ghettoes the welfare system has begotten, those multi-million dollar athletes left their multi-million dollar hilltop homes and moved to the ghettoes in an endeavor to upgrade them.  More than a few previously degraded areas have become desirable by well-adjusted, income-producing married couples moving into them.

And if…instead of impregnating girlfriends, and cohabiting, those athletes married them so their progeny can have the benefit of a father and mother in a family circle.  That would provide a sense of responsibility in young black males the welfare system has destroyed.  It would demand they accept the responsibility of one wife instead of continuing their practice of impregnating a girl, then moving to their next sexual conquest, leaving to welfare the care of the unborn.  How much better that they would accept the responsibility of providing for the child.

It would also provide a male authority figure in black homes now yielded to mothers and grandmothers.  While rare females wield the clout to keep male children in line, paternal authority does it naturally.  Indeed, a man has to lose his authority while a woman has to struggle to gain it.

That lack of respect of authority in black homes without male leadership accounts for much of anti-authority resistance so common in blacks suspected of criminal activity.  Any child maturing in an atmosphere of self-directed pleasure finds resisting authority easy.  Proper discipline in early years by male authority makes resisting other authority figures much harder.

One factor has been overlooked in the resistance to authority.  When policemen, white or black, say stop, the suspect instead runs.  When cops say surrender, the suspect fights.  That’s where early training tells.  If parents, especially fathers, establish authority that means what it says, punishment following if not obeyed, most of the confrontations between police and suspects will vanish.  While it’s human nature to flee when caught wrongdoing, Adam and Eve establishing the model, and all races react according to their example, the point remains.

If black athletes want to do more for their communities than publicize themselves, then; let them become models of behavior for their communities.  In addition to the ways suggested above, consider also that black athletes need to develop their brains instead of their brawn; their ability to think, not leap and run; the ability to speak clear English, not ghetto patter.  In other words, let them make themselves targets of accountability, not cops of authority.

While they’re at it, let black preachers abhor the welfare system on which they have become dependent and ask black athletes to pool some of their millions to begin businesses that train and hire blacks in their own communities.  And let their preaching employ the motto one of their own favorites spoke in his inaugural:  “Don’t ask what your country can do for you; ask instead what you can do for your country.”

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