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Blame – stop the . game

In his book Further Along the Road Less Traveled, Dr. Scotty Peck wrote about the blaming game.  Where we blame someone else, something else—relatives, parents, governments, schools, GOD…you name it…for our attitudes, behavior, divorces, etc.  pp 40-41

The Doctor showed no mercy.  He demanded that we stop the blame game.  And the only way to stop it was TO STOP IT!  In other words, to make a mental decision to assume accountability for our life, however uncomfortable it makes us, however costly to our ego, however difficult to be that mature.

Only then will we forgive the person committing an offense against us.  A wrong that has made it more difficult for us to be positive, to be friendly with people, to assume more blame than we’re due, to give more credit than others deserve.

Accepting responsibility for our life also makes forgiveness progressively easier, even to making it “comfortable” for us, becoming a natural response to offenses.  That in turn makes the difficulties in relationships forgettable “small stuff.”

Forgiveness is both an act and a process.  It’s something we offer on each occasion which we find easier the more it’s practiced.  Until we naturally overlook offenses we previously noticed.  Until, instead of being tougher than we ever imagined it’s as common as breathing.  Until our entire physical, mental and spiritual life is healthier than it’s ever been, but nothing compared to what further practice will make of it.  Until, one day, we feel the freedom forgiveness of others brings by releasing ourselves from the grudges and griefs we had once considered so important to us.


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