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Body – building and re-building

In 1905 San Diego oligarch George Marston built his 4-story home at the north end of what would be Balboa Park.  It had 8500 square feet, 16 to 19 rooms, depending, and wide hallways.  The size of the rooms and width of the halls existed only for the family.  The “hired help”—servants—lived in the fourth floor in far more modest digs.

Anyway, while much could be said about the home—Judy and I have seen it from the outside—note the difference in its original cost—$20,000; and its recent 4-month renovation—$462,000.  The $20,000 represented a fortune in 1905.  The $462,000 doesn’t even equal the medium-priced San Diego County home in 2017.

It does prove that being re-built, or re-modeled, invariably costs more than the original price.  Which has significant spiritual relevance.

First, many young people, as in late teens or early 20’s, have found that bad habits in sex, alcohol or drugs in their earlier teen years demand shocking efforts to re-make their lifestyle.  And many adults have learned that living without God’s discipline in their younger years makes continuing to live without him easier, though more destructive, in the later years.  That’s why it’s harder to interest unsaved Seniors in salvation.  It seems to cost TOO MUCH to redo all that their life has been becoming.

Second, all humans need to be re-built before they can enter God’s Presence.  The renovation begins in conversion, with baptism washing our sins away and the Holy Spirit renewing our spirit.  That leaves NEW life inside the OLD body.  Which limits the effectiveness of our faith, discipleship and desire to serve Jesus.

Third, the creation of an entirely new body will occur at the “renewal of all things” in the Savior’s return.  While the renovation of our spirit cost Jesus his life at Calvary—an astronomically prohibitive price—the change of our body from mortal to immortality, from perishable to imperishable, from weakness to strength, from fallen to REBUILT, will be but a MOMENT, a TWINKLING of the eye I Corinthians 15:50-57.

Looking to that Glorious MOMENT, Praise Jesus!

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