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Business – creates a need by suggestion

Writer Jane Black states that Key Lime pie, pineapple-upside down cake and mint chocolate cookies weren’t chosen by customers out of desire, but from clever marketing campaigns.  Borden created a desire for Key Lime pie to sell “sweetened condensed milk.”  Hawaiian pineapple packers wanted their product used more frequently.  Mint chocolate cookies came from a 1930’s summer slump in cookie sales.  San Diego U-T, 9/13/17

This makes sense as we consider all the advertisements selling every conceivable convenience we can’t live without, though we had no trouble living without it before we heard of its necessity.  You name it, and someone will create it.  You don’t name it, because you can’t imagine it, and someone smarter will envision and manufacture it.  Then you’ll pound your forehead in dismay at not being first to put the idea into saleable form.

It’s what keeps stores stocked, Amazon over-stocked and Walmart as the biggest retailer in the world.  Leave it to the geniuses of business to stay awake at night dreaming and scheming and envisioning what can be created.  While potential buyers sleep, never dreaming what they’ll find they need when the next commercial airs.

One human-related issue rises from real-life-need all people have, not the manufacturer’s need to sell his wares.  We need to be forgiven the sins every person reaching accountable-age commits.  God didn’t accuse Adam and Eve of sin because he needed someone to forgive, but by disobeying him they and their generations needed to be forgiven.  Their guilt prompted forgiveness, which prompted a sacrifice, which created the skins out of which God fashioned the first clothing of the first pair.

Jesus didn’t institute the Lord’s Supper as a businessman but as the Savior.  Not as a saleable commodity believers didn’t really need but he wanted imposed on us—and we could disregard as desired, and observe as we pleased.  It came from his expressed command that we REMEMBER the sacrifice he made to offer God’s only and final solution to human sin.  Our sin made the market, but Jesus paid its price.  It reminds us, not what we need to purchase to feel more comfortable, but what God has graciously given so we can be justified by him.  It’s not about forgiveness purchased but justification needed.

Eat the bread.  Drink the cup.  Thank God he loved enough to send Jesus.  And thank Jesus he loved enough to come and give himself as our ransom.

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