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Career – life . differs from life purpose

II Corinthians 5:4-5, in a powerful context, declares that God made us to find eternal life.  He even gave the Holy Spirit as the down payment on that life.  He of course guaranteed that life through Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Therefore…whatever our career goal is, our life purpose is singular.  A curator of the San Diego Natural History Museum searches for rare plant species in the desolate wastes of the Baja Peninsula.  U-T, 9/19/16.  A woman died at 93 years after a long career creating and writing television soap operas.  She began with scripts in the 1950’s and re-invented the genre in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Her “One Life to Live” ran for 43 years.  It reflected the nation’s racial change.  U-T, 9/29/16.  A man had a passion for providing safe environments for people with Dementia.  A real estate developer by trade, he saw the inadequacies of patient care in the 1970’s.  That led him to develop Health Care Group which specialized in caring for those with memory loss.  U-T, 9/29/16

All of these people, and billions more like them, have careers of their choice.  Many made good livelihoods while pursuing their career choice.  But none of them, not a one of them, found their life purpose in their career.  Even being a Minister of the Gospel is only a career-choice, not a life-purpose.  Get this straight and don’t forget it:  every person on earth has only one life purpose, and that is to find eternal life in Jesus Christ the Lord.

If we fail in our career choice, but succeed in our life purpose, all is GAIN.  If we succeed in our career choice, but fail in our life purpose, all is LOST.  Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.  Commit your life to his will.  Then, when life is over, and your career choice vanishes, your life purpose guarantees your entrance into the Father’s Mansions.

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