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Change – how things do

LONG AGO, for this illustration, the 16th and 17th centuries, political and Church Law coincided in England and the earliest Chesapeake colonies.  Because Henry VIII divorced himself only from the Pope in Rome, and maintained himself as the leader of the Church in England, English sovereigns viewed themselves as God’s regents of the church.  Kings appointed clergy of all ranks.  They also demanded that all local parish churchmen must support the King’s and Parliament’s decisions.  When King James I wanted sermons against “women…wearing…broad-brimmed hats, pointed doublets, their hair cut and short,” they expected denunciation of the miscreants in all parishes.  King Charles, James’ successor noted that “people are governed by the pulpit more than the sword in time of peace.”  American Colonies, 160

Of course, that admixture of divine truth and political expediency weakened the impact of God’s Word on people’s lives without strengthening or illuminating political decisions.  But has the complete rupture in American life between God and the Bible and political and judicial decisions made the nation stronger in any way?  Haven’t we weakened to the point of collapse a nation originally founded on Biblical principles, even if not personally adopted?  How could we ever think that a nation can be strong and lasting when it defies God?  Scripture repeatedly states that unless the Lord builds the house it cannot stand (Psalm 127:1), and blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12.

We cannot mock God.  It isn’t that we should not mock him; or that we better not mock him.  As Galatians 6;7 says, God cannot be mocked.  We reap what we sow!

America, take heed and pay attention.  God’s judgment is in our yard, maybe on our porch, and maybe knocking at our door—but much closer than we think!