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Choice – often determines destiny

James Michener tells of two different groups of Indians in early America.  Of one group some turned south to Mexico and founded the Aztec Empire; others in it stayed in Colorado and became the Ute’s.  One enjoyed a dazzling civilization, the other a marginal one.  Of the other in Baja, California, some turned east, found easy access to the valleys of Peru and founded the Inca Empire; others turned westward and found themselves trapped in the Baja wilderness.  From one came the treasures that enchanted Pizzaro; to the other marginal existence.  Centennial, pp. 117-118

 Choices and destiny cannot be separated, not among nations or among individuals.  What we are and become often relate directly to the choices we make each day.

Israel had a choice before them, Isaiah declared in 58:5, that would determine their future.  They could continue in their time-honored sinful ways and be irretrievably condemned by God.  Or they could humble themselves, obey Moses, live the faith they professed, and receive God’s favor.

We also face choices:  in our careers, marriage partners, places of residence.  Each choice offers benefits and disadvantages.  But no choice so radically affects our destiny as our acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ.  If we resist him, we consign ourselves to monotonous failure in this life, whatever success we may claim.  If we accept him, we assure ourselves of success in this life, as God estimates success, and life eternal beyond the grave.

Think about that when we postpone a commitment to Jesus.  That decision may precipitate the loss of our soul.  For who says we may have another chance to make that choice?