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Convictions – faithful to…until

A young man grew up in an English Tory family.  (The same man in the last two blogs.)  However, in the Revolutionary War he sided with the Patriot cause.  While marching with his column through Richmond, Virginia, a shoemaker exited his shop and began hurrahing for King George.  The troops ignored him.  When they bivouacked in a wood beyond the city, the man came to the outskirts and hurrahed for King George.  When they resumed marching he followed, zealous in his refrain.

This moved the American General to order the man dunked in the river.  The men tied a rope around his middle and alternately threw him in and pulled him out, only to hear his same oath of loyalty.  In desperation the General ordered the unrepentant Loyalist tarred and feathered, using a feather bed from his house and a tar barrel into which they plunged him.  All this time the man’s wife and four daughters stood by, crying and appealing for him to hold his tongue.  Without success, despite being a spectacle.  In turn the soldiers drove him out of town and warned him of certain death if he made any more trouble.

The soldier recorded that they finally convinced him.  They heard no more hurrahing for King George from the shoemaker.  American Illustrated History, April-December, 1966-1967, pp. 31-33

What punishment would we endure in order to keep “hurrahing for Jesus”?  What would it take to quiet our shouting?  Would the threat of dying for the shout silence it?  We’re often too reserved to mention Christ’s name in public.  And too fearful to defend him at all when hearing him defamed.  What would our defense or proclamation be if we knew physical pain would follow?  Christians in public venues are discovering that speaking for Jesus involves a cost.  Let us not be deceived:  in time it can easily involve bodily harm.  How do we respond now when only criticized?  How will we respond when physical pain, or the threat of death follows?


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